Friday, April 22, 2016

Essentials for Your First Living Room On a Budget

Moving into your first place is a great first time experience. For most of us though it has one thing in common, in most cases we are just starting a new stage in our lives. 

At this stage many of us are also trying to watch our budgets. So making sure that we have everything that we need while staying within that budget may seem impossible. If you know what essentials, you really need though instead of want it is totally do-able.

Since this is your first place, maybe all you need is a little help and guidance. So we have come up with a list of essentials that may keep you within that budget while still making that living room look great. Just keep in mind you can save even more if you choose to buy second hand as well, but that choice is yours.


You definitely need places to sit and places for company to sit too. If you are not planning on a lot of company just occasional a couple of chairs in lieu of a couch may be optional. If you are planning on more, but are tight on room you could opt on a loveseat and a chair or two.


You may have ceiling lighting, but you may not always want that much lighting, so a lamp or two depending on size of room should be efficient.


If you want a great way to add some flair to your living room an area rug is a great simple way to do so.  It also helps keep your feet warm if you have hardwood or tiled floors.

Simple Accent Pillows

Another budget friendly way to add comfort and décor is accent pillows. They come in many different styles and in most cases available at affordable prices.


Another dual purpose item, it serves as part of your décor as well as keeping you warm on a chilly night relaxing.

Dress It Up with Artwork

You want to give people something to look at. So you need some art work on those walls. Unless you are an art collector, there are some great ways to find artwork at a great price. 

Go to second hand stores, art festivals or local budget friendly home décor stores. You can find some great deals online as well, just make sure the measurements fit your needs.

Table or Tables

Typically, it is ideal to have two accent tables and at least one coffee table. So you have a place to set your lamps as well a place for people to set their drinks or etc., while they are visiting you. choose your table material on use. Glass can be broken but is easily cleaned if there is spills. 

Wood is more warm and beautiful, but don’t handle any liquid well. You can end up with water rings and more easily.

Personal Décor

The cheapest but most important to add to your rooms décor. You may have personal items that speak to who you are. You want them out and about, easiest way to display is on shelves. You could display on accent tables as well or a mantle if you have one.

Those are just the basics on what you should have in your living room when first starting out. Buying new or second hand is your call. 

Buying second hand also helps by saving room in a local dump. If you buy from some place where money goes for helpful programs, even better. If you choose to buy new just do your homework before purchasing and make sure you are getting the best deal you can.

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